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Bill of Rights Case 2B for Discussion

Students' Freedom of Speech

Student Protests

In 1965, during the Vietnam War, three students were black armbands to school to demonstrate their opposition to the war. Two days before, school officials have adopted a policy that students caught wearing armbands with the cast removed them, and if they refuse, it would be suspended until the return without them. Not surprisingly, when the students wore armbands school they were suspended.


1) Should the students had been suspended for wearing the armbands ?

2) 25 years later the school did not suspend students who wore yellow ribbons in support of the Gulf War, because it considered the yellow ribbons patriotic. Should the school be able to allow this since it previously suspended students who wore black armbands?

3) If, instead of wearing armbands, the students were T-shirts with and there were messages on them, should the school people to spend the students?

4) Should minors had the same constitutional rights as adults?