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American Studies
Persona Poem


This requires that you complete 2 drawing exercises before you begin writing.

The drawings will use the same technique--creating a picture without lifting your pen. As you draw, remember to concentrate on your hand and your body, feeling the continuous movement of your pen.

1) Complete a portrait of your face without lifting your pen. Try to make the portrait as realistic as possible -- pretend that the page is a mirror, and the drawing you make is simply a reflection of your face.

2) Now complete a more abstract drawing in the same manner, without lifting your pen. What does "abstract" mean? Well, this drawing should not look like you at all. Instead, try to express through whatever shapes come to mind the general "feeling" of your face. Your picture could look like a series of delicate squiggles, or round circles dotted with little blobs, or whatever. You could even write various words on or above this abstract portrait.

Reflecting on each drawing you have created, write some responses-- What is the mood? What is revealed and what is hidden? Describe what you see etc. You should spend at least 10 minutes writing on each one.

Below is the poem someone created from their drawings. They ended up with only one poem because they decided to combine their "notes" into a single poem.


Mother is a cookie cutter,
an attached lid shut.
The little ones escaped outside.
Skip. Flip. Attack
one another with cart-wheels.
Father is running.
You were clever to look like a machine.
Home, our small beds,
something else reeling us in.
I hung hair, stood on my head, we were good fish.
You talk to them like you talk to them on the phone.
We say a few words.


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