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American Studies
Usher Quiz

The Fall of the House of Usher Quiz

1. The narrator knows Roderick Usher from
(A) college
(B) high school
(C) boyhood
(D) adulthood

2. In "The Fall of the House of Usher," what does the narrator think of
Madeline Usher when he and Roderick entomb her?
(A) She smells bad
(B) She is very cold
(C) She was never very nice
(D) She still looks very beautiful and flushed

3. What are the two ways that the House of Usher falls?
(A) forward and backward
(B) The house collapses in a siege and the family takes out all of their
(C) The family dies out and the house itself breaks down the middle
(D) The house collapses, struck by lightning, and the house that the Ushers
move into burns down

4. As they place Madeline in the tomb, they notice
(A) she opens her eyes and reachs out to them
(B) her chest rise with breath
(C) she mutters “Roderick” under her breath
(D) her cheeks are rosy

5. Why is the narrator visiting Roderick Usher in the first place?

6. Tell me how the story ends in a brief summary.


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